Saturday, October 27, 2012

A few more hugs

Ominous weather aside, I rushed into town to see Rie Hachiyanagi's installation at Tenri on its last day so I could meet with her. I caught her right before she left Cleveland last week but was excited that I could actually see her work in person for once and talk more about her process, documentation, ability to do and learn anything (this included building scaffolding to install this show!), and performance work. We shared some hilarious stories over tea and I appreciated how articulate she was about everything she does.
[The main gallery houses the abaca and roving but the front of the installation is all plexi, thread, and monofilament. You can barely make out the rectangular shapes in the window space.] Once I got back home, I got to rush out again to see an old friend who is briefly in town for family/work. Eric and I walked to a cafe run by our old classmate and did some much-needed catching up. I don't remember the last time we saw each other in person since he lives in Chicago and I haven't been forEVER. It meant a lot to me that he walked away with one of my books. It was also great to spend most of the day not tearing my hair out with marketing my book and my upcoming events. I love new and old friends!

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