Sunday, October 14, 2012


[George Cutts' Sea Change at Storm King.] Because I feel less prepared than I'd like to be, I'm nervous about this next adventure. Tomorrow, I rent a car and drive west to Cleveland. I'm not great with long drives (given my fear of speeding and frequent rest stops, it will take about nine hours) but am nearly done packing. Plus, I have to remember that I'll be driving towards my book, in the flesh! My host mom already checked in with me and I picked up an extra bottle of wine as a gift for myself, since I'm ad-libbing birthday celebrations this week. Here's hoping for a burst of productivity in the next eight hours!


  1. onesmallstitch6:35 PM

    relax,be safe, enjoy your trip and have a wonderful time. good luck with the book, I'm waiting for it to be available here.

  2. i love this image of you chomping at the bit, and being fearful of speeding...time to breathe and drink that wine and enjoy your beautiful book!!!


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