Friday, October 12, 2012

48 hours

It took a little effort at first, and then none at all, to stay offline and not work from Wed afternoon to Fri afternoon. My sister and I took a trip up to Cold Spring. This is right next to the village hall.
No tree climbing signs were ALL over this fence! We got amazing ice cream; mine was best: s'mores, meaning graham cracker ice cream, plus marshmallows and chocolate chunks.
 ha, ha, ....
The next day, after a most delicious breakfast served to us in our room (and of course we had taken advantage of the jacuzzi tub the first night), we visited Storm King. We had wanted to go for over a year, but it always rained. This time, we were treated to beautiful weather. My sister is on Maya Lin's Wavefield.
This one, an untitled piece by Robert Grosvenor, I loved.
 Another view.
 Anish Kapoor (though less exciting because it felt tacked onto the building, not its own thing)! Inside the visitor's center was a beautiful blue glass piece by Roni Horn; exquisite.
 We tried to avoid the school group at all costs.
By Grace Knowlton, seen on foot, but snapped while on the tram (quite fun, aside from the noisy lady who kept asking and saying such crazy things). I talked to my sister about the stereotypical male/female art, which is even more pronounced when looking at outdoor sculpture, the materials, how it is sited, why people like to stick huge metal things going straight up into the air, painted bright colors.
This one, by a man (William Lamson), sugar baked into the glass. Plants turn light into sugars, and now light filters through the sugars to get to the plants, and so on. Lovely piece. There was a LOT more, and we only got through some of it--my feet are not so sturdy as I'd like yet. I almost fell over twice yesterday, proving again that Aimee tired = clumsy Aimee. The rest of the trip: shopping, amazing meals, strawberry rhubarb pie, more baths, scenic drives, and being so very grateful to not be staring at a screen.

But now I'm back and eeks! So much to gather together before driving again on Monday to Cleveland. On Sat, Nov 10, I will teach a Boston workshop; please share! On Wed, Nov 14, I will do an Artists Loop event at the Pawtucket Library near Providence, RI, from 6-8pm--artist talk + hanji demo + my books on sale.

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  1. i'm so glad you got a little vacation between big commitments. neat to see you in the landscape.


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