Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pining for last week

I don't know how to attribute all of these photos but figured I'd flesh out what I had left on my camera because last week was so much more fun than this week. This is Karla Elling and her hat!
This is the one image I can't attribute and I'm embarrassed but the scarf was too lovely and delicate not to show. Share if you can identify the artist!
 Marjorie Tomchuk, in a blur.
 The rest of Erica's fabulous outfit.
 Jocelyn Chateauvert, and I think the dress involved lots of walnut dye but I could have heard wrong.
Marilyn Wold (at left) designed three pieces but only two are in the photo (I was too close to the front to get them all at once). She is very kind and gentle and sold me a lovely sugeta last year when I was quite depressed (which didn't change the depression, but I'm glad it passed and I still have the sugeta).

Oh, and the FDH blog has announcements from me plus a shot of my demo in Cleveland. Fun stuff. Plus Melissa shared her take of the marvelous gathering of huggers here.

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