Friday, October 19, 2012

Not a lick of sleep

 My baby (the child before the book). Dry, but still helpful for people to see.
 Winsome Jobling's watermark devices (her demo was yesterday during mine so I couldn't witness any of it). I had lunch with Melissa and then drove to the Morgan because I wanted to go home. I LOVE this place and decided I'd rather stay and help clean and get ready for the reception rather than go on museum tours.
My favorite people before things got crazy at the Morgan: Julie, Tony, Tom pretending to stab Bruce (you can't see him but he's in the armchair). I really enjoyed the talks this morning. The Iowa grad students did a bang up job and I pulled them aside at the nighttime reception to make Korean/Islamic paper/tools connections/comparisons. I am so impressed with that program!
Kozo garden growing and yellow.
 A new nook behind the garage door; love these!
After attempting (unsuccessfully, mostly b/c I put my head on a cushion that was peed on by a cat) to nap, I enjoyed a lovely dinner cooked again by Mike, and then we all headed to the Morgan to start the gallery hop. I then drove a bunch of people around instead of being tied to the bus schedule. Andrea and Jon are on the left in a gallery converted from a church.
I couldn't resist getting into the random tub on top of the ramp outside of the Morgan. Julie snapped this. It's almost midnight and I still have to prepare a slideshow for my intro for Asao's talk tomorrow morning. I have to get to the hotel at 8am. It takes me about 25-30 minutes to get there, so I have another very early morning slated. But the good news is that I found a model for the runway/fashion show! I didn't want to wear my own dress (it's not really meant to be worn anyhow but don't ask why I entered the show), so Julie helped size up the conference crowd (she's a costume designer so she knows) and recommended an intern I hadn't met. We did a quick fitting tonight and hooray! I'm off the hook; I can just wear my own clothes, drink, and sit down. Of course I'm a performer, but I'm not a model.

We've sold about half of the books that my publisher brought and I've already had people starting to read who are enjoying it. I think about this small group of people in Cleveland with the book in their hands dotting the hotel or thereabouts. In a couple of days, we'll all scatter and it will, too. And I'll have a carload of them myself.

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