Monday, October 29, 2012

Strong waves

[The river has been choppy all day and LOTS of people have come by just to gawk and shoot pics.] The pile was finally replenished! Good, because I already had sold out last night and was worried I'd be stuck with no books to send out into the world. As soon as I uttered the worry words about it, bang, bang! Open the door to two boxes. Then later, bang, bang! And two more. There were supposed to be five in this shipment but this is a great start.
I ordered multi-d boxes and am so excited to get them BUT of course they don't ship on rainy days. So who knows when I will get them. In the meantime, I'll work by candlelight to build the ones for orders I have waiting right now. J/k, we still have electricity! But the internet is out (I'm on someone else's wifi), and along with that, a few other things. Things are really crazy when I don't have time to cut my own nails because I hate the feeling, having been a violinist. This happened in Cleveland for the first time ever, and is happening again now. Now that I'm finally trimmed, I feel less cranky when typing. But I'll still walk away now to make boxes.

Also, thanks to those who are sharing the news: London Korean Links and Hanji Happenings!

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