Monday, October 22, 2012

Home, somehow

My publisher sold so many books that I only had 14 to take home (they don't even fit this box. It's padded and includes two copies of the book in sheets). It's now a published title!
Luckily, Julie helped me find a fabulous model for my dress so I didn't have to suffer through the runway show myself. Abbey is an intern at the Morgan and was an enormous help (plus, infectiously high-spirited).
Julie with Lauren, who is modeling Susan Kelley's dress. Julie made her own coat, and the colors are from indigo and persimmon dye. She used joomchi techniques to felt the blue to the base sheet under. She was also a total lifesaver this week, always in such a positive mood, a tireless worker bee for the Morgan (she's on their advisory board), and a hell of a lot of fun to be around.
This is another gorgeous creation by Julie, modeled by Mason's fiance, Kate (he is next to her, another enormous asset to the Morgan). I was telling Julie how incredible this garment was but she credits a lot of the oomph factor to beautiful Kate.
Abbey and Junia, who bought this hanji scarf on the first night of the trade fair; she looked fabulous in it and even performed later in the evening in a surprise song!
Erica made and modeled this fabulous dress. She is one of the many people I was so excited to meet in person, for the first time, after being in books and shows together and only knowing the name.
Tom in his tyvek jumpsuit, plus various other paper accessories (aside from the frog necklace, which is a real frog puffed up and complete with a zipper to make a little purse).
Kerri was behind these temporary tattoos that stand for Dard Hunter. I was so happy to see her again after years--she was the model of the ideal student, artist, and teacher when I first started grad school.
Abbey and Steph, who is modeling a Korean design by In Mi-ae. I had met Steph in Oakland when I was teaching at Mills and have advised her on grad school options, being a book artist, and doing research as a Korean American in Korea. It was great to see her so happy as a new MFA student in the Iowa program.
Seeing Sandy throughout the conference made me so happy. She's so warm and friendly and I love that she modeled a bag, complete with classy black gloves!
Kate in Julie's dress. Susan MC'ed the runway event, and the cardboard cutout looked on until auctioned off. I'll continue later with more images; that conference was SO packed that it's a miracle I ever made it home last night. Horrid traffic into NY added 2 hours to the drive, and I had to pull over for two naps, so I was in the car for almost 12 hours (that includes backtracking to the hotel in the morning after leaving my camera that night in a hurry--I felt like I had holes in my head the entire time from an average of 5 hours of sleep each night, a bit of a commute, and multiple responsibilities). But I'm in recovery now, heating up soup, and enjoying all of the goodies I brought home.


  1. WOW. love seeing your dress on abbey. and love seeing that dress of julie's, too. susan looks like she's working hard/having fun.

  2. Hmmm. Seems I missed the best part! Thanks for posting the pics. I'm so glad Abbey wore your dress!


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