Friday, October 19, 2012

It gets later and later

Notice as this conference goes on that I get home later, get into bed later, take less pictures, and am too tired to insert hyperlinks. But it's still going strong and SO wonderful. My throat is shredded from running three demos back to back, 55-min each. Three hours of repeating the same thing is hard! I felt badly about my assistant Jennifer having to hear it so many times. But the response was great and this is the only picture I took today: the beautiful stand that Mason made for me yesterday in the wood shop in the back of the Morgan so that I could aim the webcam at myself. THE BEST IDEAS always come from Melissa--she suggested this to me after my August workshop. Whohoo! I finally got to meet some more paper world giants, and yet another Obie who has been in the paper world forever, Peter Sowiski. Mike fed me stew and a dumpling for dinner at about 10:45pm after the first big reception was over. Tony fed me lunch b/c I was famished and would otherwise never have survived my demos. I am utterly spoiled by the men of the Morgan and delighted to have such wonderful friends and helpmates.

Now, trying to stop the rambling so I can get a little sleep before another exciting day!

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  1. peter was teaching at buff state when i was a student, i remember an edition of cow prints on bullshit paper. so glad you are so happily busy!


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