Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Framing mysteries revealed

[It's too dark to shoot the real thing, so I am delaying the reveal until the sun rises again tomorrow.] Caron's new picture book has landed! How lovely is that? Meanwhile, I have been up to my eyeballs and then some, taking an intense two-day framing class in Long Island. Frank runs a frame shop and framing school where I got to fill in part of my art education. Filling in the gaps is my M.O., and WOW did I get what I paid for. I came home with a print and a 3D hanji piece, framed beautifully, and enough information to fill my brain several times over. Already after a day, I felt I was seeing the world so differently. Again, all of my book and paper training came in handy when he covered various issues of adhesives and hinges and cutting and measuring and burnishing and conservation-quality work.

Back to transcribing ten pages of notes. Tomorrow, Asao arrives in NYC!


  1. sounds super interesting! I wish I could just buy the workbook :)

  2. aimee, i need your help with framing SO MUCH!


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