Thursday, October 04, 2012

One foot in front of the other

For Asao's first full day in NYC, we started at Dieu Donne so that he could see the new space and say hi to Paul (they met many years ago). Amy gave him and two of her grad school buddies a tour while I caught up with Lisa. Then we went to Koreatown to look for dried omija (failed) and other ingredients for his kami nabe party (success). We still had some time before Barbara arrived, so we hit the 99-cent store. After noodles in soup (one seafood, one chicken) for lunch, we walked over to Kremer Pigments and Asao showed me one pigment from the inside of a specific shell that cost something like $125 for a pinch in the hand. Somehow, we made it to CBA so he could see the space where he will give an artist talk tomorrow at 6:30pm, and got to see the new show plus meet Kumi! That was an unexpected treat; I've admired her from afar for many years. By this point, we were about to collapse so we limped over to the closest cafe to rest with tea before I headed to my temporary digs and they went off for more adventures (to find paper and more pigments).
I have been scribbling notes for one big app due soon while on the subway, but am too exhausted when I get to my sister's to do any real work. Paper Connection did a blog post about joomchi that included me and a plug for my book; sweet! CEGments, a review of the Canadian Embroidery Guild, also had a joomchi article that included me this fall. Tomorrow will be EVEN more full, if that can be imagined. Two mills (+ papermaking supply shop), two boroughs, one museum library, one museum, setup for an artist talk, and the talk! I am praying my legs and feet hold out, and that Asao gets some sleep tonight (unlike last!).


Velma Bolyard said...

i sorta wish i was along for the ride, but think i would collapse!

Velma Bolyard said...

and BIG congrats on the mentions and, of course, the BOOK!