Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Work rest work rest

[This is the cave where I hid for a long time while I waited for the other two to climb up and back--I had to run away early to escape the sun. But I met very nice hikers in passing, including one Korean man who had worked for 30 years as an engineer in Cleveland and called it a "beauuuuuuuuuutiful city!"] Even though I was horribly exhausted yesterday, after finishing Silent Spring, I had a terrible night of sleep, waking every hour. I made myself a higher-protein breakfast and then headed to practice. I love my morning sessions with my violin now that I don't have a teacher to report to and I have limited my time to 30 min. Now it's fun and not onerous. The hilarious thing is that I have already been invited to perform this weekend at a late-night minimalist music concert on campus. No rehearsal, no formal concert dress, all so foreign to me as a classically-trained player! It will be in a performance space that opens to the outside (funny that the music program shares space with creative writing, but I can get on board with that), so it will be a free concert under the stars. I think I'll go on stage at about 11:30pm, for Terry Riley's In C.

Tomorrow is our open studios event at 5:30! I don't feel particularly like I have anything to show in my studio, since my work this month has been mostly on my computer and in my body, but it will be fun to see what everyone else has been up to before they depart. I managed two hours of edits at the library on my manuscript but got so sleepy in the comfy chairs that I had to stop after getting the intro and first chapter done. I forgot how long this whole process takes!

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