Monday, May 21, 2012


That's on repeat (the Beyonce version) even though I missed seeing the eclipse yesterday. I could have if I wasn't on the phone with Minah. But I did feel some of the weirdness of the light and still remember being a kid outside at school on the playground with everyone else, watching. The call was worth it, since I so value her expertise and willingness to field my millions of tiny (and big) questions. I barely got any sleep but jumped out of bed this morning to shower, rush to the music building, practice, and work some more before I got very hungry. I socialized a bit and then went with Marci to run errands before shoving lunch in my face and trying to work some more. After a nap, I emerged for tea and found the most wonderful package: my manuscript edits from Melissa, along with a smorgasbord of gifts! I was awed, and touched, and lost all post-nap grogginess. I am done with her edits, and wonder what I should tackle now. There is SO much I could do, but this gift has somehow lifted that burden so that it doesn't feel as heavy, even if just for a moment.

Oh, and I keep forgetting to do PR:

1. The 1,000 Artists' Books book is out! A couple of my knitted books are in there but mostly I am so happy to have my work nestled in pages along with many, many friends and colleagues.

2. The pre-conference workshops at the Morgan are online and open for registration! I especially recommend Asao Shimura's (scroll all the way to the bottom) on kon'nyaku. The shame is that they are all great but will happen simultaneously, so you can only do one. The plug for Asao is that he is rarely in the States (he lives in a rural village in the Philippines), is a tireless and devoted researcher and practitioner of hand papermaking and allied crafts, and is a humble, generous teacher.

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