Thursday, May 10, 2012

Clear air

Marci took this pic for me. I am almost about ready to turn all the spokes around to finish the floor of the pot and bring up the walls.
But I delayed all that for an afternoon out to Hyde Park with Marci. How glad I am to have done that! She showed me eyes on her favorite trees, aspens.
Here are a few on the first trail we attempted, which was not really a trail at all. There were so many butterflies! Marci's aspens look like this.
Then we drove up and up and up and found bigger ones and a nice trail right along beautiful cold clear running water. I wanted to drink it all up.
SNOW! I haven't seen snow for too long. I don't think I saw any snow in New York this year, at least nothing substantial. Funny that I had to travel to New Mexico to see a bit.
This was everywhere along that last trail. We would have stopped for more but it started to rain a bit so we went back to town and I finally found my cow udder cream to deal with my crazy rash and we indulged in ice cream. Now, the question is: a nap, or the studio? This kind of luxury is precious.

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