Thursday, May 31, 2012

Loyal or dumb

I finished this in the morning with the scrap of Alabama kozo that Velma shared with me. The paint was mixed by Marci weeks ago and I laughed so much at the huge blob of it and insisted that I sit down in her studio and paint alongside her, just to use up some of it (and as an excuse to keep hanging out with her even while she was working).
Slowly but surely. Not exactly the way I imagined it, but still okay. I also corded a LOT more today while indulging in some TV and a movie. I practiced violin in my studio because no one was really here yet in terms of people who could be woken up. The acoustics are INSANE. A little over the top, the reverb, but good for a soaring feeling. I even visited the gym here for the first time. I am quite out of shape but now I know the landscape there and can plan accordingly.
We have one new artist in the house! Cobi came over and we talked for a good long time and laughed a lot and had a delicious and ridiculously filling El Salvadorian dinner. We hung out in the courtyard for a while after that and John talked about me being loyal (like not ditching my dentist after he threw a hissy fit about me getting dental work done in Korea by a different dentist) and how it can be good but also that I get taken advantage of. I always thought it meant that I was stupid. I never thought of myself as loyal but maybe I'll think about it some more. In the meantime, I'm testing out my studio at nighttime for the first time, with some tea. So far, so good.

p.s. - a poem I much needed to read in this moment by my friend Joana.


TK said...

Dentists, hair dressers . . . I think this John may have a point. I think it goes a little bit beyond loyalty to some misshapen sense of duty or obligation, too. But you're not stupid--never think that!

aimee said...

thanks for that. i agree!^^