Thursday, May 17, 2012

Still settling

Finally, they are all glued up. It's like a party, though I don't know exactly what will happen to them. But at least the first step is done. I am trying here to slow down, pace myself differently, and, hardest of all, not beat myself up for doing the first two things. It's a challenge since I still feel like a lazy slug. I am also itching for my violin; it's been in the shop now for two weeks and I really want it back.
I did some more weaving after finishing the party cones. I also did some reworking of my book's intro and other tiny details, so that was a good pocket of morning writing that made me feel good. Tonight, we got to go to a reading downtown by Lydia Davis, which I enjoyed. It's always nice to be introduced to someone new, to work I hadn't known before. I still feel very wandering about here, which will change in two weeks. I think that once my manuscript is out of my hands and in my publisher's hands, and my violin is back, and I am set up in the right studio, everything will shift. For now, I am trying to be at peace with this month being a calm, slow month where I spend time with people I have come to be quite fond of, since they will mostly all be gone in less than two weeks.


  1. you sound peaceful even though the party cones are playing in the studio.

  2. good! even if i am only cultivating an illusion, maybe all the practice will help me eventually make it to real peace.

  3. Slow is good now and again; definitely calm is.

    (Off to the post office in 3..2...1).


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