Monday, May 07, 2012

Windy and scattered

The wind is wild today, and my day has been all broken up, but all of my hanji arrived today! I thought I had been conservative in how much I shipped but I guess I took to heart what Velma told me while packing, to bring a LOT (these are just the ones that I wanted to pin up to help ease in unrolling; there's plenty more flat on tables. Too bad there is no humidity to help settle them).

I also started a tentative new chamber pot. My teacher had told me for years to make more and I really had no intention of ever doing so. I still may not; it all depends on how it goes since I have way too many projects and materials already for my three months here (and my violin is still in the shop, so I haven't even calculated practice time!).

This is the part I hate about starting to weave after not doing it for a while. This blister will eventually turn into a callus but until it does, it will be tender. I'm trying to take everything easy and slow, though. I may get less done but hopefully be more sane in the end. I also took a trip this morning to the library, which was the second best thing after the violin shop, in terms of Gains From Being In Santa Fe: they have a ton of atlases! So I finally found a map of Korea that has almost everything I want to include in my book. There's still a lot more work before it is all taken care of but at least I don't have to hunt for and overlay a billion different maps to get the cities and provinces that I need. Plus I got some books to read for inspiration, since I had fallen off the wagon and it's impossible to write well if you're not reading something that is already written well.

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  1. oh, your poor tender finger! i wonder if using a vaporizor for a few hours would aid the ease. and atlases! yum!


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