Saturday, May 26, 2012

Reluctant endings

The last glimpse of my studio before I took it apart. I'm moving into a smaller, strangely-shaped space, of my own volition because I wanted more natural light. Now I will be right next to a window and sinks! But I felt sad as I shifted everything tonight because the space I had was fine, neutral. I wanted a change because this first month has been so weird b/c of unfortunate drama that we May residents walked into. Also, I'll be moving into Marci's studio so I know it will have good vibes from her.
[Marci, Agn├Ęs, Cheryl, and Joe on our ice cream jaunt this afternoon, our final hurrah as a fivesome.] I said goodbye to Marci tonight since she will be driving away very early tomorrow morning. I will miss her a whole lot. Cheryl and Joe won't be leaving until Monday, but that's not really very far away. Open studios last night went fine and I was so happy to meet a couple that I had invited because they knew about jiseung and that is always gratifying. Also, they were SO nice and very engaged in the presentations. I've been trying to maintain a work schedule of morning violin and then 50 pages of edits a day on my manuscript, but Marci told me that it has made me grumpy. She's right! That edge she is feeling on me is from editing. I dislike the work and it goes slowly because I get sleepy every time I attempt it. I will be so happy when it's over but I still have about 100 pages to go. It's a fascinating process but I miss the rest of my process in the studio and out in the world.

The upside: I get to perform tomorrow night! Hopefully that will knock me out of the funkiness.

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