Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Drawing for my book is nerve wracking. It's strange to imagine something that I draw in print, being used as a reference or resource. I finally drew two more diagrams today at the library, and then had some dances with the scanner there and the scanner here at the residency. As you can see up here, I finally sat down after dinner to re-draw a very ruler-intensive drawing because the first rendition had one too-thick line. Agh. Tomorrow I will go back to make more copies at the library, and possibly tweak the third drawing. It's all a clever way for me to avoid editing my text. But I did enjoy going out this morning to find the right extra pen for the job. AND the best part of these dances: I found out that, indeed, there is a lightbox! This would have been handy for my map, but at least I know now for the future. Little things make all the difference.


  1. funny how much better a drawing is than a photo, and how much we need to see what another HAND has to tell us!

  2. funnier, too: when i showed the drawings to residents here, someone asked, "can't you just do this on the computer?" or in photoshop? and i was like, NO! that's the whole point, the hand-drawn image. as imperfect as i know mine will be, it has to be by my hand.


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