Saturday, May 12, 2012


Marci drove Agnes and me to Taos today. We walked around downtown, visited galleries, walked through a park fair, and had a lovely lunch. Afterwards, we drove to Taos Pueblo, even though the weather changed drastically and we just barely got back into the car when the rain really started to come down.
We also stopped (rather perilously, since it was a dirt road w/o 4-wheel drive and no way of knowing really if we were even allowed to pull in) to see this small cemetery. I stayed in the car as I was nearly passed out from the antihistamines I took this morning once I realized that my rash was indeed an allergic reaction. To what, I'm not yet sure, but in the past it has happened b/c of food and sun poisoning.
This was outside of the church. I liked some of the views best from the car, but was too drowsy to shoot. It was soothing to nod in and out of the conversation that the painters were having up front. For a while, I'll stay away from chicken and most other animal proteins. Likely, it's a combo with stress, but I hope it clears up soon b/c I feel like my body is on fire. I did manage to make 56 more cords tonight, though, to make up for being away from the studio all day. It's nice to finally have the first rain of my stay here, too.

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