Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Laying low

Last night I ripped up a bunch of waxed bark hanji and made a piece. It wasn't very good but I always have a spot of time at residencies where I have to work thru lots of crappy work first. It felt good to DO something, though. Finally use this hanji I've been hoarding and storing and waiting to work with for years.
Today, I made two trips to the library to work diligently on my map. After lots of rounds of tracing and trying to place one big island that one atlas left off the Korean map entirely (similar to leaving off Hawaii in U.S. maps, only worse, since this island is maybe 50 miles or so away from the mainland), I finally have a version that I think is workable. There's so much freedom in making your own maps but then all this fear since it's in the service of a book, so it's not to be at my whim, but for some purpose. It's nice, though, to have people to show it to so I can tell if it works or not. After a nice late lunch/early dinner with Marci, we joined Joe and Cheryl for a movie on campus. Sad and sweet. Sets me up well for an early night in, full of books.

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  1. map looks great, movie, too. but best, you made some work AND have the map. are you tempted to put "aimee city", in korean, of course, somewhere in the mountains?


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