Thursday, May 31, 2012

This way or that

Here is Marci's painting hanging in the lobby. Recognize the green? I'm glad that little piece of her is here but I am greedy and would like all of her to still be here. I've met the two new visual artists who arrived today and there is still a writer to arrive tonight, maybe another soon.
I had a very short violin session in the morning and realize I think of it now like morning prayer. Except it was very painful in my back today b/c of the dang chamber pot, so I had to stop early. To do what? Of course, get back to the pot. I realized WAY too late in the first wall that I did the subtraction of spokes wrong--I needed to clip them before I twined past them but forgot because it has been so long. So the hope is that I dye it some dark color and it becomes hard to see those mistakes.
But I finally got to the top rim and then started to turn it back around after twining a round. I think it will be smaller than my first pot and squatter. Regardless of the mistakes, it has already been a very good lesson.
I just wish it didn't hurt my body so much.
I wanted to keep going and going and going but I need to pay heed to the pain signals so there is a sweet potato in the oven and maybe I'll get myself onto the bike this evening for a quick circle around campus for some air.


  1. your basket is absolutely beautiful.

  2. i second deanna! and i think the green looks great with alabama pink!

  3. onesmallstitch10:44 AM

    and I third Deanna and Velma - but you have to take care of your body, it has many more pots to go yet

  4. thank you all! i'll write more about the whole body/craft dilemma soon.


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