Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"You should exercise"

1. identidades.04 is on! Once I know when my invasion begins, you'll hear all about it.

2. Going to bed early sucks if you end up tossing and turning for four hours and then getting up to do your composition homework (though at least the insomnia gave me something to write about. I titled my piece, "Stress Disease").

3. Even though I know that exercise is crucial for my health and sanity, it's not going to happen anytime soon. My language exchange partner was trying to get me to do it but I'm not budging. This has been a lifelong struggle, so why stop the struggle now?

4. I'm experiencing good karma on the transit system lately. Maybe this is what happens after you get felt up inappropriately by a stranger. Knitting ramie thread also helps - wins BIG points w/the older women who are curious and happy to see a young person who knits.

5. Still a BIG fan of my tutor. She's exactly what I need - she yells at me a lot, but in a really fun way, and picks up my mistakes and bad habits lighting fast. ALSO, she has been reflecting the person that I really am, which is to say that there is no way that I could NOT be an artist, based on my personality and behavior. To think that I wanted to be a CPA in 7th grade!

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