Monday, September 08, 2008

Maybe now just "she is crazy"

Today I went w/NaRae to Heyri Art Village, which is way out past the suburbs, where lots of artists live and there are insane numbers of beautiful galleries. Like an architect's dream, all of them. On the way, we stopped in Paju Book City (a publishing town) and visited a letterpress shop. That was really nice. It's been interesting to note how I feel when I go to places that invoke nostalgia for any number of different places. Too bad it's all so far away from the city.

Both of those places reminded me of IKEA. Or maybe just America: lots of space, numbered and lettered parking lots/entrances, lots of space to park.

It was quiet b/c it was Monday so we didn't get to see much since galleries close on Mondays. We went to the Book House for a while, and then met the gallery owner of Art Factory. I ended up sitting there feeling like I was going to pass out/fall asleep, when suddenly I felt like I was going to throw up. I ran to the toilet and staved it off for a while, but later had to run back for reals. AGH. Not really great when you're trying to negotiate whether or not you want to exhibit at a gallery in the spring. Right now, of course, I'm not feeling doing anything at all.

Oh, and the pictures.

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