Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The subtitle suck

At first, I thought, HOW can anyone tolerate video editing??! What a nightmare! But after spending so much time on this papermaking documentary-of-sorts, I now see how easy it is to get sucked into perfecting a 3-second clip. I'm having a lot of trouble w/fonts and sizes and colors, and it doesn't help that all the things I've read online contradict each other. I think I'm going to use yellow for the subtitles b/c it seems to help those w/astigmatism and it does pop better even if it's ugly. I think all of the video cutting is done; it's just getting all the text to look the same (and be legible at low res) and then I'll finally be able to upload it. It's a month later than my internal deadline, but I should accept by now that all of my internal deadlines are unreasonable.

Can't wait until this is over! But am excited about my first little movie; it will be nice to put it out into the world. I won't say when, b/c it will undoubtedly be an unreasonable date.

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