Monday, September 22, 2008

Off and away

I try so hard to keep my family out of the spotlight, especially when they are unsuspecting toddlers, but I have no pictures left and am wrecked from another night of insomnia. So here is my cousin's wife and daughter on the holiday. Marian got her website up and running; looks great! [she's an Obie - I advised her pre-grad school and now she's gearing up to finish her MFA.] I have one more composition to write and a reading/summary to do for next week's Korean tutoring session, then I can shower and pack. Come 6am, I'll be on my way out! I am going to try REALLY HARD to stay offline until ... well, we'll see how long I can hold out.

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  1. ellie1:59 PM

    i love you like trader joes chocolate and i hope you have a good vacation!!!! no drama allowed on your trip!!! :)


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