Sunday, September 21, 2008

The invasion has begun!!!

My leaves have gone public!! Courtesy of Elizabeth and the whole crew in Morelia. Identidades.04 has begun!

Meanwhile, I have sealed up my 2nd subscription and they will go to post tomorrow. Along w/a couple other mail art goodies to two different continents. Now that I've finished those am in the middle of a second load of laundry, and have finished my Korean homework, I just need to apply for one more grant and then I will feel caught up enough to fully enjoy my family vacation in a couple of days. Can't wait! Can't wait to be unshackled from my computer, and to get out of Seoul.

Yesterday I had two 4-hour sessions w/Koreans born in 1979. That's a lot of Korean practice and catching up on Korean culture. But it was great to meet a fellow artist who works in a craft medium and gets the whole being an artist, being an artist who uses her hands, having a weird schedule, choosing not to be married, choosing not to date life. Seyeon is working on a fantastic piece now, which looks like a cathedral sitting in a teacup, about 2.5 feet high. Very sad I didn't have my camera on me.

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