Thursday, September 11, 2008

Up and down and all around

[Jeong-In's studio, which I still need to talk about! But I want to wait until I see her again and get my head on straight.] I was just mad for a few hours at someone I've only known for a few weeks but my brother-in-law Skyped me and now I've calmed down. I met Richard, Ellie's and David's friend, who is teaching music composition at Hanyang University - I crashed his birthday dinner tonight. It was really nice: his students and colleagues are great, so I can see why he likes being here and enjoys his job.

Before dinner, I caught the first part of Keith Smith's lecture on book arts at Hongik University. I was glad to have to leave early b/c it made me feel too much like a student again, in a bad way. Speaking of Americans, I need to get a witness for my absentee ballot request and then I can mail it. Even though no one is going to count my vote. I'm going to say now that I am trying hard not to read the news anymore b/c it is SO DEPRESSING AND ENRAGING and I can't deal with feeling that helpless on top of it all. My theory now is that it's all about the numbers. If you're not with us, you're against us. Screw the swing voters - if you haven't figured it out by now, then you may never. I want to come back to a country that doesn't operate like a beauty pageant!! Oh, and on top of the helplessness, more bad news about the Orphan Works Bill. Maybe I'll follow my sister and husband to Europe if they flee the country. No, I can't do that. That's the way it gets worse.

One side of my mouth is done and I have a new mouthguard and it makes me feel like a football player. The GOOD news in all my chaos is 1. I have knitted almost all of the knitting I have to do for my next subscription piece and 2. a Denver gallery has sold one of my books! Wohoo! 3. I finally have a video to show from my visit to that papermaker down south! I shot and edited it all by my lonesome, and have never used iMovie before, so be gentle on the criticism. It's on my website, here.


  1. "I want to come back to a country that doesn't operate like a beauty pageant!!"

    The fact that someone living in *Seoul* can say this about the U.S. is crazy and depressing.

  2. I couldn't get the video to play even half way. Tried reloading and replaying several times. I so wanted to see it! :(

    I haven't had time to follow your adventures as closely as I'd like, but have you blogged about tea in Korea at all?

  3. hm. that is very sad. i consulted w/my web designer and the new option is to try vimeo, so see if this works:

    so far, nothing on tea yet! but when it happens, you'll know.

  4. yikes. i meant consulted. not with. right? AAGH. grammar is fading fast now.


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