Saturday, September 06, 2008

In just about two minutes

my second wind will come to an end. I don't know where it came from. After the end of classes on Friday, I hiked up to my cousin's neighborhood and searched for fruit. I almost gave up and then found one vendor but the apples I got weren't any good. The rest of Friday and Saturday morning were devoted to housecleaning and babysitting. SERIOUS LEGO ACTION. I put together a huge plane for my nephew. It takes me back - I used to be a lego fanatic as a child, but only in putting it together exactly the way they told me to. It makes me wonder, then, why I'm so bad at putting together IKEA furniture w/o making mistakes all the time.

I had a momentary moment of wanting to move to the boonies in Korea and not speaking to anyone but just making art. There is a big glitch now in my solo exhibition schedule next fall so that makes me a little nervous (three overlapping shows means three bodies of work. And I work hard, but can I work THAT hard???). I started the major dental work today that will wipe out almost half of my savings. AND had the dreaded "drilling w/o novocaine," which was pretty terrifying and definitely hit several nerves several times or more. Not a fan of that method.

But I had a really fun time w/Julie, a family friend, and I tried to explain the differences b/t distribute, attribute, and tribute. Yikes, that was hard. Then I had to do major time killing in a bookstore but it was SO NICE to get lost in the tiny selection of fiction in English. I re-read some Womman Warrior, which was nice, and a few other things. I think reading more regularly would go a LONG way towards salvaging some sanity.

Then I met a new language exchange partner for dinner and tea. He's really good at it, but I wonder if I'll just feel bad meeting him every week b/c he has SO MUCH on his plate but he juggles it all so well! A job that sends him to Latin/South America a lot, learning Spanish, being married, weightlifting, and who even knows what else. Not a good influence on me if I'm going to make a dent in my own overtaxed schedule.

So much for my weekend; I have to get up early tomorrow to meet a photog to go I don't even know where but it requires comfortable shoes (I vaguely heard "3 hours of walking) and my passport. WHERE AM I GOING? For now, to bed.

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