Friday, September 12, 2008

Everything feels better

All the panels for my next subscription piece are knitted. Now I just have to make the accompanying zine, which means navigating a scanner in Korean. Yikes! The good news is that I love knitting on the subways here, since they move so smoothly that you can stand w/o holding onto anything for dear life (I'm going to be bummed when I get back to NYC), and my muscle spasm has calmed down.

I just connected w/Dan from The Arm, a letterpress studio and more in Brooklyn - he was the one who refurbished (more like, brought back from the dead!) my boss' old Vandercook that had lived outdoors for months thru winter and spring and construction. Look at the before & after shot!! A beauty.

Beatrice just finished installing yet another public art piece, this one in Arizona.

I had another fun session w/my tutor today. There is SO MUCH to correct. But I'm have to work on it so that I don't sound like someone who was born in Korea in the 1930s. After a brief meeting with Na Rae and Keith Smith for iced tea and a book art exhibit, I ran off to my language exchange. We walked from a really crowded hood to Ewha, and walked around campus. After getting bitten by mosquitoes while sitting on newspapers (on park benches), we walked back out to get some Italian food. He's the perfect person to do language exchange with b/c he's not afraid to speak English (he's quite good), and corrects my Korean while encouraging me to make mistakes so I can really learn. He's traveled all over the world, and is married, which rocks. I prefer that b/c it eliminates the tension that I have already had to deal with when hanging out w/unmarried men here.

Time for bed - tomorrow morning we go to my grandparents' graves to tend to them, have lunch, and then come back for family dinner. It's the big huge holiday here. Some people relate it to Thanksgiving. I'd say, delete the pilgrims and natives, but keep the overeating. I really have no idea, since I've never been in Korea for Chuseok before. But it will be nice to hang with family.


  1. Mmmm...have fun, it looks delicious!

  2. Chusok! Fabulous! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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