Thursday, September 18, 2008

Shifting the spotlight

I'm getting sick again. As usual, from overwork. So, unless you want to hear about how I was on a bus today and it hit something (thank goodness it wasn't a person), follow these links!

1. Don has been putting together lots of sound and visuals on his and Rebecca's website. I met them in Mexico last summer - he is a percussionist and composer, she is a dancer and choreographer who just started teaching at Purdue this year. She's the best non-licensed bodyworker ever, and they are both amazing novice bookbinders.

2. Kathy, a pianist in Chicago, has started a new website to bring the creative community together.

3. Terttu, an Estonian-born, Chicago-based photographer, has FINALLY updated her blog w/the longest post ever, almost all pictures. I miss her like crazy.

I think that is part of my exhaustion, too, just constantly trying to keep up w/my friends in far-off time zones. Also, to indicate how worn down I really am, I actually referred to the Bible today while talking to a book arts class. In a really weird way. Even as it was rolling out of my mouth, I was thinking, "what the hell are you saying, crazy woman??" I'm counting the days until I get to fly off to an island . . . five days left!!

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