Monday, September 01, 2008

These days

[Another shot from Jeong-In's studio.]

I'm already so over the Fulbright b/c of the red tape nightmare, so I'm hoping that tomorrow will be my last visit to the office for a while, when I pick up my business cards (and possibly run into four incoming grantees who have just flown in). I'm really hoping that everything comes through on the NYC end so that I can start my private tutoring next week. I REALLY would like to get some useful Korean language instruction that actually helps me get better instead scolding me for not learning the word for crosswalk.

Tests are over! Four more days of class and then NO MORE SCHOOL. I keep saying that, and then I keep ending up in classes (the last time was 2+ years ago after grad school). But I am determined never to have classes M-F, four hours a day, ever again.

It's been pouring rain all day. I finished the major editing of the papermaking video from last month. Hopefully I'll get back on the paper trail soon so I can remember why I even came here in the first place. I also am thinking that I'd like to get back to printing on knit paper. Jeong-In goes to a studio that costs about $30/day to use. I think it would be nice to get back into printmaking.

I have a "to call" list that is severely backlogged. But I swear I'll make the calls tomorrow (yes, I say that every day). Yesterday I made a few mail art pieces and mailed them today; it felt good to do some work and even make a little book that I think will turn into my next subscription installment. I think that video chatting w/Ellie yesterday helped a lot. Today while getting all wet in the rain, I was feeling sad about how I can't trust people here (in all walks of life, mostly professional!), and thought, "well, who CAN I trust?" And I thought of Ellie and all of my other friends who don't think, "how can we use and abuse Aimee?" or "what can I get out of her?" And that was a relief to know that there are people that I can trust in my life, even if they are far away. Even in my soaked socks and shoes.

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