Friday, June 05, 2009

Throwing in the towel today

It's 7pm and in lieu of a nap, I'm going to bed after posting. Sarah took this pic last week - two women asked if I would answer an interview question for their school project: "how do you feel about tattoos?"

Sarah and I went to my dyeing class today, and I was psyched b/c I finally did a new dye (things have been all over the place so I hadn't been able to learn any new ones for a while): mugwort. Hooray. We met Hyunmi's fiance and had another faboo lunch. I think that b/c I'm going less to dyeing class, my health has suffered since I don't get nutritionally-balanced lunches as often. I'm fighting a nasty infection now; clearly I need more rest, less stress, and a better diet. The chances of that happening, though...

My teacher gave us branches of his tree that had delicious tart red seeded berries and we sat on a stone bench next to a homeless guy and picked them off after the lesson (we had already spent a good portion of the lesson picking them off the tree and spitting the seeds out). Then I headed to the bank before meeting Boram - she's in town for a show. I was so impressed! It's great to see the progress of her work, and to talk. We have a lot of similar struggles (in terms of being too in our heads and making ourselves crazy), so it's nice to talk it out.


  1. i love this picture of you! and that you look like you could be talking about the israel/palestine conflict but really you're talking about...tattoos. :)

  2. I hope and pray you will get feeling better soon.


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