Monday, June 22, 2009


[I had leftover cords, restless hands, and procrastination on the mind - so I made this tiny something. TINY, I say. Fits into my palm.] Yesterday I met five artists for dinner; Hyejin + four men involved in book arts and printmaking. It went on longer than I expected and the men also talked a LOT more than I've known men to talk, but it was a good time. They totally brought out the raw live octopus out for appetizers and I refused. I mostly eat everything, but draw the line when the meal is still moving. It was nice, though, to talk to Jung Ho about how even though many Korean traditions have been lost, there is still a very distinctive way that Koreans continue to make work, that blood is fierce like that. So that was a departure from the usual moans and groans I hear about losing important pieces of Korean heritage.

[I can't remember what I dyed this base sheet with, except that it was clearly done w/an iron mordant.] Today I get to do "fun" meetings - I'll see a childhood friend and her baby boy at lunchtime, and then a newer friend in the evening. I was fretting about not having made artwork that has very definite deadlines (by the time I leave Korea), but Jung Ho also reminded me that artists wouldn't be artists if they weren't always working intensely at the last minute - that we're used to this pressure and capable of delivering under it. Reminds me of how Ben told me that it's okay to take time for fun b/c likely I'd just be procrastinating - no need to pretend that I'd be using that time to really work.


  1. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Love this little piece! It IS ok to take some time...all the experience building adds to the work you do make. Enjoy these last few days.

  2. WOW! This little beauty is awesome.


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