Saturday, June 20, 2009

Before the next trek

Thatched roofs in the old village. They used to replace the straw every year in the past since it would rot. Hanji that covered doors and windows were also always replaced each year (b/c of normal wear and tear, like children poking holes w/their fingers). The New Village Movement in the 1970s called for the demolition of homes like this to make way for western-style housing - this nearly destroyed the hanji industry b/c suddenly there was no need for paper flooring, wallpaper, ceiling paper, window paper, door paper, etc.

The guardian tree.

Kenya (left, w/courtesy-of-Fulbright umbrella) and Myung-ja writing prayers.

The door to a famous home in the village. We are on the inside.

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mjc said...

I am loving the thatch! Sooo beautiful. So is the persimmon-dyed lamp, though I realize it will's a gorgeous shape.