Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Anxious hands

I completed my entire to do list for today. Yet, the final to do list hasn't been touched. At least I finished these books before the weather went haywire.

The moody weather (winds, lightning, thunder, rain) doesn't help my "crap, I only have a month left" moodiness that leaves me in alternating bursts of productivity and excessive procrastination accompanied by nearly overwhelming chocolate cravings.

Maybe it's what Sarah read in a book about procrastination: musterbation. All the things I think that I must do. [This is my favorite book in the batch.]

I got so caught up in these sample books that I ignored making artwork for a show coming up next month. At dinner tonight, Kelsey was like, "I think that is clearly the top priority."

I wove another cup but it turned out weirdly lopsided, too, and the lattice work is worse than the first. I'm so embarrassed by both that I don't want to show my teacher for fear of the chastisement about everything I did wrong, since I am quite aware of almost everything I did wrong. We'll see how I feel in the morning as I pack for my final trip with my ginormous lamp, praying that it won't get soaked in the rain.


mjc said...

Love the paper sample books...the colors are delicious, even digitally...

LR said...

your books are amazing; i will be making a reference to your artists' books with a link to your books and blog if you don't mind.

aimee said...

thanks! i don't mind and appreciate the heads up.