Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Cruel prolonging

AGH. The lamp is STILL not done!!! Today's lesson went late and even then, I have 500 cords to pull to the end. So close, but I have to travel again with it next week to make sure I don't screw anything up. I had to stop today for a while b/c my right hand was in too much pain. I am so sick of this project! I want it to be over already, esp the part where I awkwardly commute while in utter fear of it being smashed. I also took home the wrong trimmers so I have to swap them out my next lesson (I'm so attached to my tools...I'm going to have to do the school thing and label mine next time).

But despite early morning bad news (the bf was in a car accident; he's okay but the car is NOT), I got fantastic news afterwards: I scored well on my Korean language exam from April!! I had assumed that I could go home, never get my scores, and forget I ever took it, but yesterday I got a text saying that our results would be ready online today. It took three internet servers and LOTS of patience (the website is a disaster and barely works), but I found out that I just squeaked by into the top level of the category I tested in! WOHOO!! And this is a test that has no speaking component, which is my strongest suit. I was so thankful to my Korean tutor, who had worked so hard despite my complete lack of studying. It was so great to call her w/the news. She told me to go to my weaving teacher and show off, since I quit language lessons to weave.

And, I think the flight is confirmed. July 9. Eeek!


  1. Congratulations on the test results. That's really awful about your bf. I'm glad he is ok and hope that the damage done to his car won't cause him too many difficulties.

  2. Yes, congrats, and sorry to hear about the accident, ugh.
    And I can hardly believe it's drawing to a close...but I agree that you'll be processing this for years and years to come. (I will be a short train ride away, in Connecticut, in July & early August).


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