Monday, June 29, 2009

The last full week

And it's packed. Today was phone calls, shipping another 10 kilos home, a faboo massage, doing my formal goodbyes in the Fulbright office, quickie lemon sorbet w/Esther, dinner w/Julie and her parents (more raw, still-moving octopus! and other marine life), walking around Hongdae totally cranky from humidity, bumping into an artist whose opening I will attend on Wed, an ice/ice cream/red bean/etc. dessert, and a nightly walk w/Kelsey.

This makes me SO EXCITED for a shower, even though I will simply start to sweat as soon as I get out of it. This is the week where I have 2-3 scheduled appts and a zillion extras each day, plus a two-day trip down south. The weekend will be all family since I was stupid enough to leave my weaving trimmers at my aunt's home in the burbs, so I have to GO TO CHURCH on Sunday to pick them up. I suppose it bookends my year in Korea well: my very first and last Sundays I go to church (tho never on any other Sunday). I wonder if it would be rude to weave in the pews...

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