Friday, June 12, 2009

That metallic smell

[The cherry tree at my dyeing teacher's studio. I got sick eating them, likely b/c they are coated in Seoul pollution. But I'd do it again, if the tree was in the countryside.] Yesterday I did an exercise routine that an army lieutenant devised and dictated to me, along w/a big scary to do list that I managed to finish by noon. Then I mailed art, had tea w/Narae and got two copies of her new book, napped and talked to Beau on the phone, and then took a bus in massive traffic south of the river to see my Korean tutor and her assistant to get my language exam scores. Now we know I'm strongest in listening, then writing, and weak in reading, vocab, and grammar. Nothing we didn't already know. After running more errands, I met Hae-seon for a faboo Indian dinner and went to her new pad to hang, listen to K-pop, and drink cava.

[Helena got this for me down South a while back; it's half as high as my index finger and perfect.] Today I went to dyeing class but there were no new dyes, so I fooled around w/ones I had already done before, and did some weaving of my new tea cup. I tried to leave but my teacher told me to stay and go to an art exhibit up the road of an artist who had just visited during my class - in town from NYC. I told him I had to go home and nap and he insisted instead that I sleep in one of their extra rooms. I laid down but didn't get any sleep. Once his other artist student showed up, she gave me a book of poetry she wrote years ago, and we headed to the show. Which was GORGEOUS. The gallery itself was beautiful, and the work, labeled as eroticism, was wonderful. I can't explain right now from weariness, so just visit Djin Suk Kim's site. It's almost all work on paper, hanji, and absolutely smashing.

[Helena's Q&A] Then I met Esther and Carla for a meeting at the Fulbright building before heading to Helena's forum on how the US, Japan, and Korea creates war memories in the new generations. It was great, and I love the interdisciplinary nature of her research. I had to say goodbye to her and Frank tonight since I likely won't see them before we all leave, but am happy about the friendships that I've nurtured w/fellow Fulbrighters and the possibilities of crossing paths in the future. I got home feeling quite ill from overdoing it, but still went for a 2-hour workout w/Kelsey. We took it easy and it was nice at the end to just sit in grass and stretch and talk and do handstands.

I'm totally going to bed w/o showering.

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