Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The lamp is done! But we started a cup today and my teacher could tell I didn't want to do anything. Ug.

I then rushed over to the show, which actually looked gorgeous. The space is fantastic. But I was late since I was a little lost, with Stephanie and Sarah (up there, looking at my book) joining me in the being lost. Hyejin eventually came out to fetch us, and I realized once I arrived why she had called to see where I was: I had to give a speech. I didn't know this until I was called up to the mic (which I never actually turned on - for the better, since my improvisation skills in Korean are nowhere close to being as strong as mine in English). I didn't get to see the show b/c then we were shuttled off to another hood to see another show and then have dinner. This is typical Korean opening style: the openings last about 2 seconds, with speeches making it very obvious that you only go to be seen, the food is eaten in the blink of an eye, and then there is a huge meal that the artist pays for that tons of people attend.

I have been thankful to have Hyejin help me navigate since I've landed, and love how calm and collected she is, always. Meanwhile, here I come rushing into the gallery, late, sweaty, dressed unstylishly for rain (but it didn't rain), in a big bad hair day, barely able to hold my own in Korean mostly b/c I was so tired. Then again, it's always like that here. Everyone is really well put together and I am never.

Last night, Kelsey and I went for a run and pushups in the rain after 10pm, thru hills and despite the kids making out on the stage of an outdoor amphitheatre. She made me promise to change my diet and also work out w/her every night until I leave, but we're already skipping tonight. I met a printmaker/prof whose work I saw a while back in Korea, and also the son of a very famous hanji artist. So...I have a couple leads if I want to do some last-minute research. I'm suddenly deluged by all this work that could easily keep me on my computer forever, but I have to balance it with everything else going on. I feel like in the last month, I suddenly am being flooded by new people that I would love to hang out with more. Why does it always work out that way?


  1. That show looks lovely - several of those are books from my last (and I do mean my last) Artists' Books / Book Art class (including Jana Sim's, on the invite).
    Say 'hi' to Hyejin for me!

  2. you were noted in the brochure! i'll send yr regards to hyejin^^

  3. Thanks! And the lamp looks amazing, by the way. I'm so looking forward to seeing one of your presentations when you return, and seeing these things in person. I know you're all Aimee'd about what hasn't been done, etc., but I can assure you that from this side of the laptop screen, it's been (and continues to be) incredibly rich. Lush, even.


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