Monday, March 02, 2009

Returning slowly

I have been inching further and further away from the life I thought I was supposed to lead and closer and closer to the one that I like to think is a little healthier for me. I mailed off my fourth piece to my subscribers today and it felt SO GOOD to do that (as well as find a much closer post office than the one I had originally been using). All I can do to keep myself sane lately is to put "The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter" on repeat.

I've also laundered all of my bedding, and today treated myself to four pairs of sparkly socks. I've decided that I should never live without red shoes (preferably boots), but haven't had time to find my next set.

Today I took a little walk in the afternoon because I came home from my Korean lesson and felt like my apartment was a prison. It made me realize that for any long-term studio and living space, I can't feel hemmed in.

For a moment, I thought, "how can it already be this warm in February??" and then realized that it is MARCH. The panic is setting in now: not. enough. time. I have to get back on the road to finish up my fieldwork but I don't want to. I have to remember that it will only get harder to travel once it gets warmer and I get more busy.

All this to say that I'm avoiding some work that is on a deadline and tired from crying hard this afternoon. Also, that the sausages under this sign were HUGE but I didn't want to shoot while the vendor was manning his booth.

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