Friday, March 27, 2009

NASA hanji

Back to the dyebaths today: cassia seeds. I started to dye big sheets of paper, too. I figured, why just do tiny test sheets when I can do huge test sheets? Tonight before the Fulbright Forum, I scoped out the conference room quickly and it looks like rigging is going to be a challenge. Good thing I have a whole day before to install.

I talked briefly with two other researchers about how I'm presenting twice in the same month and both said it would likely be fine to just do the same thing, instead of trying to make two completely different talks. This is kind of a relief, because the outline I did for the shorter talk is actually really solid, whereas the outline for the longer talk is kind of all over the place. So...back to the drawing board. Literally, since I am in the midst of drawing diagrams of papermaking equipment. I'm missing some basic measurements while having very obscure ones in great detail. I always miss the simple things.

I got to talk to Ken tonight at the reception, who has been incredibly helpful ever since before I left the US. His wife and sister have also been indispensable in my research, but I see them so rarely, so it was nice to see him. We will be leaving Korea around the same time, only he has been here about 30x longer than me. I was able to catch tea and a few donuts with Michael and meet his colleague Chorok tonight, which is always a treat. The best part of the day was picking up the book that Frank left in my mailbox. Not only was there info on hanji being used in NASA-funded research for protective clothing and hopefully later for robots for space probes, but there was some info on hanji in speaker systems, which I had been trying to track down!! As much as I try to steer clear of recording engineering, it looks like I have to get acquainted with the whole tweeter, mid-range driver, woofer, and subwoofer talk. Yikes.

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  1. Hmmmm...robots again! Excellent.


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