Thursday, March 05, 2009

"Gloomy day"

[That's what my teacher called it; he speaks the most English of all the ones I've met thus far.] This chocolate cake was not very good. But the cafe was sweet; I was glad to have skipped the chain behemoth on the main road in hopes of finding a smaller place on a side street. It was a gallery/cafe and I spun cord while waiting for my new teacher, who was running late. Thank goodness sessions w/him are not hours long, but there's a catch: fried chicken and beer/soju afterwards. AAGH! After dyeing two silk scarves with onion skins, one set in alum and the other in iron, I got completely sloshed and then stumbled off to meet Christian for the runaway documentary hit here about an old farmer in his 80s, his wife, and their cow. You could count the number of people in the theatre on one hand. It was quite lush, though, which was nice on the eyes on today, since it's been raining and cloudy.

This new teacher also has some wild stories and his student came again, with her 5-yo grandson, who was crazy adorable and, like me, has one dimple on his right side. He wants me to come tomorrow again to do more dyeing, but I don't know if I can fit it in. This is serious teacher week. Or, maybe I've just entered the serious student phase, though I feel spread thin. My load gets heavier by the day, but I got a message from a professor down south who alerted me to a hanji show at a history museum, which is great timing. I'll get a trip in the next couple weeks and take care of some major research points that I'll need to present to my colleagues next month.

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