Sunday, March 22, 2009

Now the funny ones

Mike sent images from my trip to Jeonju, and this one was the BEST EVER, from when they made us participate in the ribbon cutting for the hanji exhibit at the historical museum.

After complaining last night about how I never get to work in my sketchbook, I took the morning today to work in both of them (the small and the large). Oh, my. It felt SO GOOD.

I think I may be onto something; I have yet to pick up the article Frank left for me in my Fulbright mailbox about a scientist working on hanji robots (since hanji conducts electricity, which I learned while watching the cheesy promo video at the hanji museum), but I ALSO want to make hanji robots.

[Yes, I see the typo for Greek] I was cranky until today about having such a small sketchbook here, but now I think it is even more fun to dialogue between the big and small.

Definitely insisting on my robots being pink. I had the pink robot idea since January when reconciling w/an ex. This particular one I lived with for the entire three years I was in Chicago even though it was broken. Not the hanji one I just sewed today, but the one that all of them are based on. I vaguely remember it being a gift from when my great aunt (Lee Hee Ho, former first lady of Korea) was visiting the US years ago. But now, as my very generous colleague said, "I hope the book will enable you to build gigantic hanji mecha robots. Then world domination will only be a step away..."

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