Sunday, March 22, 2009


I took a bunch of paper to my dyeing lesson today and luckily my teacher was setting up dye baths for other students so I got to do more than one today. This is hanji I had bought at the store run by my hanji teacher. I had already knitted it at the love motel in January, and it was coffee colored. This dye goes a straight up deep red on white silk.

Two onions in the back, the middle is areca palm with an iron mordant (and barely survived all the baths), the front sheet is onion with an iron mordant (which later became the culprit in staining all of my lovely damp sheets that I packed to take home. I always think I'm the exception to the rule, like "wear gloves when handling solvents," but I never am. So now all my colored sheets that were damp have dirty spots. Live and learn).

Onions w/alum mordant; areca palm w/iron mordant.

I still have not gotten a translation for this tree. I just call it "red tree" since no one seems to know what I'm talking about when I say the Korean name and I can't find it in the dictionary. I will eventually ask my teacher again. Front two w/alum, back w/iron.

Yesterday's safflower petals; the pink in the foreground is cotton and the salmons in the back are silk.

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