Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nearly blind

But I am almost done with the sides of the pot!! Just about six rounds away from the bottom. My excuse for not getting all the way down is that I'm not sure if I should reduce at every 4th cord or every 8th cord. The real reason is that my fingers and hands are killing me (poor metacarpals) and I can't see anymore b/c I have been weaving this sucker today from 9am to 11pm.

I had a dyeing lesson scheduled today, but my mom scolded me this a.m. for not having my priorities straight. I'm glad she did. It's true: I was gunning for instant gratification (colors), and shirking my homework. She said that if I keep not doing my jiseung homework, I'll keep not doing it. A very simple but true fact. So I cancelled my lesson, did not leave home, and sat on my ass and went round and round. We'll see what my teacher thinks tomorrow.

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