Monday, March 30, 2009

Boys and girls

I took a bus straight to my Korean class this morning (at a different location than usual) but of course got off and started walking in the wrong direction, figured it out a while later and called my teacher to let her know I was running late, grabbed a citron tea at GS25, almost got hit by a car rolling backwards on a hill, dropped my beverage and scraped my hand leaning down to get it on a cement wall (the last few incidents complete w/commentary by Koreans walking behind me), and then RAN to class w/a bleeding hand. But at least I'm making headway on my practice tests, and I got to see a girl I have a huge crush on. Michael had class at the same time, so he waited until I got out and we pushed up our meeting time a few hours so that he could hit the gym and then we could meet for lunch.

It was YUM and then we hit a cafe to meet his colleagues for Korea Uncovered, which was a huge mess of books, DVDs, his ubiquitous iBook, sketches, my Korean homework, drawings, cookies, iced mochas, library research, and ambitious talk of huge waterproof paper structures. I was distracted most of the afternoon and evening (we eventually gravitated to the same restaurant for dinner, but it was completely different from lunchtime) b/c I realized that I am one day away from Hell Month and not as prepared as I had hoped. Also, I am quite consumed by an overseas romance that blazed up unexpectedly, which has alternately focused and distracted me. All in all, I am still thankful for all the goodies that have been strewn along my path lately, and just have to kick myself back into better time management. I know it's possible, but then I read depress-o things like the demise of small farms in Japan, similar to what is going on here.

My hope is that since my week is booked solid, it will force me to become more efficient. And by definition, since I am an artist, I must still have some hope left.

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