Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I should be packing

This is ground up persimmons (when they were green) for dye. My whole apt stinks now of it - not a fresh smell, not quite vinegary...

I had a super long lesson today. OF COURSE, I had another language barrier issue that caused me to have to undo a bunch of the work I had spent hours doing. This keeps happening w/this teacher. Oh well. He did the whole rest of the pot for me b/c I was making a mess of it (I can relate; I would be that kind of teacher if I had me for a student). So now I'm halfway thru: it's a double-walled vessel, so I'm at the opening and have to weave back down. But I'm not going to touch it for a few days.

My hanji teacher came by, too, and it was great. Like a stitch & bitch, only w/men. Kind of weird, but at the same time, it's great to spend time w/people who are weird like me. My hanji teacher had gotten us all these awesome trimmers (plier-like scissors that latch shut and have a spring mechanism) that are PERFECT for this craft. We were all getting excited about it b/c we are tool geeks. He got it in the fishing section. The fishing section is always the best place for everything. Now I don't have to worry about getting them myself (I had been instructed to go to the car section. I don't like the car section. Fishing is much easier to handle).

On the way to class, I stopped at my fave taco stand b/c the guy is cute and sweet and always knows that I'm the hanji person. Then, in the subway bathroom, I completely wiped out b/c of the squat toilet: my foot got caught on the rim and my left knee and upper shin took the brunt of the impact. Not cool, but I think I'll be lucky enough to only come away w/nasty bruises. This is why I should stay away from holes in the ground.

Tomorrow I take off for a 2-day trip to Jeonju. I booked a couple more appts this morning, so my schedule is packed. Two museums, a national heritage holder, three professors, a researcher from Arizona, a papermill, and an opening. Wheee!!

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