Sunday, August 10, 2008

Special requests

Um, when is Apple going to make a laptop that doesn't overheat like a mofo?? It would be nice to not feel like I'm being broiled every time I'm on this computer. Clover sent me that postcard of Julie (she took that pic, too) on the far left for their collaborative piece last summer. I'm backing up my computer for the first time since I've landed here, two weeks after a long scary conversation with a current Fulbrighter about losing data. In the end, there's no surefire backup, so I'm sticking w/my dangerous behavior of only one backup and an outdated one of the stuff on my server.

I've been feeling really crazy lately, as a direct effect of living here. It hasn't even been two months and I've already considered (not seriously, but just the fact that I mulled it over in my head is scary) at least five different methods of changing the body that I was born with. I've lost all ability to judge women for doing the same, b/c it's so clear to me that it's all about where you are, who you're surrounded by, and the demands of the dominant culture. It's not about how strong you are or how steeped in feminist theory you are or how intelligent and self-sufficient you are.

On the positive side, I live now in a small country that is incredibly proud of its Olympians - I was trying to read a children's book in Korean this morning when I heard all this screaming outside, like when a soccer team scores a goal screaming. Suddenly, I remembered that the mens' 400M freestyle was on, and ran to the TV. Sure enough, 19-yo Park Tae-hwan had just won gold. That was basically the only news that existed today. Though yesterday's judo gold by Choi Minho was more fun to watch b/c he was so emotional about it, rather than the commentators being more emotional than the swimmer.

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