Sunday, August 17, 2008

I plead family

It's a big lifestyle change going from a small immediate family with the closest extended family about 2.5 hours away, to being right in the middle of a big extended family almost all within one city. I had BIG plans for this weekend, and pretty much fell short of all of them. I also was unable to get my usual weekend naps yesterday and today. I thought today would be my big work day, since I stay home while the rest of my family goes to church. It's a great time to do laundry and artwork, since no one is underfoot and it's quiet. I cut, spun, and shot this paper before I got my rude awakening.

BOTH of my cousin's children came home w/their grandparents from church, and disrupted my peaceful Sunday. And at the worst possible moment! I had all my tools out, including knives, all my paper, my computer, and tin of pens. My niece pounced onto all of it, and my nephew started pounding away at the laptop. So much for getting anything else done! I tried, but it's really quite pointless. I finally gave in and took my niece out to recharge my transit card and get treats from the department store supermarket. I'm sad that I wasn't able to edit any more papermaking video or do a speck of work on my performance, but I guess sometimes you just have to watch kids make an entire board game complete with pieces called "ME" and "AUNT." At least I finished spinning all the paper.

P.S. - Takuji will be teaching in Japan at this printmaking program, which looks like heaven. I'm already wishing I was on my residency slated for next year!


  1. The little girl looks so much like you! And I want to play the Me/Aunt game! Sounds fun!

  2. Those kids are so cute! You look fabulous, too! Are those new glasses?

  3. you can come play that game w/her anytime in my stead, seriously. it involves pushing buttons that are just colored circles on a piece of paper. and doing rock, paper, scissors.

    yes, new glasses! i'm like your clone now, only i haven't gotten a zillion MORE pairs...yet.


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