Thursday, August 28, 2008

No end in sight!!

[an older work by Jorg] No rest until maybe Sunday! Today I met Jeong-In at her studio again, which was a nice treat. I think we're going to swap books, so that means that I'll have made and placed an entire edition in less than a year. Have not really studied a lick for my exam tomorrow. I was sitting on a bench outside trying to look over vocab and a woman came up to me to tell me that I was flashing the world (I was crossing my legs in a skirt). That kind of thing only happens in Korea.

GOOD NEWS: I had wanted to find this woman who spun hanji, but was worried that she wasn't alive anymore (it was an old lead from years and years ago). But she IS! Jeong-In helped me confirm her phone number and called today. I'll call again tomorrow. I really hope I get to meet her and see her work; I think that very few people in Korea are spinning paper. I could be totally off the mark, but it's nice to know that some people stay in the same place for a long time.

MORE love in the mail: a package from my sister and an extra special one from Ellie-Jo!! She knew exactly what I needed. I feel so blessed by the postal system lately! Now it's back to work before I fall over (I've been dizzy again). Tomorrow is a big day.

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